By now you've viewed quite a few pages from web design and development agencies seemingly offering the same services, right? Are we different? YES and here is why:

    • We place Branding first. With the help of visuals like logos, business cards and other graphic design businesses can make an instant connection with the audience. Making good visual communication with the people is necessary to run a successful business.
    • We don’t use WordPress. To avoid future problems and limitations we don’t offer WordPress CMS. We specialise in Drupal CMS. This applies even to small websites that seemingly don’t require advanced software. Well, you don’t know when your business will grow out of WordPress capabilities. We have seen this too often. Start large and have the gate open to grow.
    • We use rich internal page linking to support SEO. It has proven that even internal linking has a positive impact on Search Engine Optimisation. These links provide feedback for other pages and their importance increases. Google and other search engines use this to rank the page. 
    • By using Drupal we have the option to manipulate the way content is displayed. This is the magic of Drupal CMS. Once content is created (in a very raw format) you have endless possibility of how this is visually presented on the website.
    • We use API (Application Programing Interface). It sounds advanced, right? In nutshell this is the plug that can be used to connect to other websites / systems in order to exchange data. 
    • We use a state of the art translation system that will not leave you with untranslated strings on your website.
    • With Drupal we offer endless possibilities for further web development. Never close the gate like WordPress does!
    • Initial SEO starter (keyword research, Meta Data, content suggestion, backlinking) and plan for further work included in any project.
    • Apart from standard Web Analytics we provide Advanced website analysis including visitors behaviours videos, heatmaps and more. 
    • Ecommerce integration with social media - Instagram product tagging, Facebook Shop integration at no monthly payments (unlike Shopify).
    • Ecommerce integration with other sale channels: Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and others.
    • SSL (display website via https://) included free of charge indefinitely. This is the padlock that you see on secured pages.
    • One year of domain registration free of charge.
    • Web hosting free of charge indefinitely.
    • WhatsApp live chat directly to your mobile/desktop (see bottom right corner of this website).
    • Visual content editing without unnecessary mess.

    Are you convinced? You can read more about what we can do for you at the Services or Solutions page. At any point get in touch with the questions you may have.