Running an online shop is fun. With the power of Social Media and availability of online tools there are many ways to attract potential visitors and later convert into customers. 

    There are plenty of solutions on the market, starting with cloud based systems (Shopify, Wix) through sales channels (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy) to self-hosted Ecommerce websites. The first two options are ‘do it yourself’ solutions that are cloud hosted by the provider. Among pros and cons the most obvious is the cost. The ‘do it yourself’ options will not have an initial cost of developing a shopping website but are billed monthly. Our advice is to read carefully what is included in the package and from our experience we know that very soon you will realise that the lowest package is not the one that will help your business grow. 

    At d3sign we build custom online shopping software based on PrestaShop. This is the only exception where we move away from Drupal. Among all the benefits Drupal has to offer PrestaShop software is built with Ecommerce in mind, having all the tools for proper online vending operation.

    One of the features that you will find very useful is the integration with Instagram and Facebook that results in the ability of products tagging on Instagram. Additionally it provides the base for Facebook shop integration that with just a few clicks will appear on your Facebook page.
    If you would like to have your own website with this integration please get in touch and find out how this can help with your online sales . If you are still not convinced please continue reading.

    Apart from the instagram integration our online shopping software has all the tools to successfully run an Ecommerce operation. Here are just few:

    • Design with branding in mind. This is very important for any business. If your brand is not yet fully established we would like to help you with that and incorporate this into the design. You can read more at the branding section.
    • Live chat via WhatsApp free of charge. Example is right here on our website. Instant messaging system helps in converting visitors into customers.
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starter included at no extra cost. It was painful to see websites recently finished without even the basic SEO tools installed. We don’t do that. You will be fully equipped with all SEO tools to use in order to climb on Search Page Result Page (SERP) plus a tailored keyword list that will benefit your business. We can do much more. Continue reading on the Search Engine Optimisation page.
    • Advanced monitoring, analytics and analysis tools. Would you like to see how your visitors move around your pages, what they click, where they get stuck, see which areas of each page are rarely seen, what they type into the search window, what results they get… really see every move and click? We can show you this. The popcorn is on you!
    • Various payment gateways to best fit your requirements, including Bitcoins.
    • Multicurrency setup
    • Multilingual support.
    • Free Mailchimp (marketing platform) integration.
    • Free web hosting.
    • Free SSL certificate (secure site). This is a must for online shopping.
    • Free one year of domain registration.

    Please contact us with your requirements for a free and no obligation quote.