Building a Content Management System (CMS) might be the best decision you have made for your business. It will benefit you in many ways. The most obvious ones are the ease of content management and control (as the CMS stands for), access control for both, visitors and admins, no need for technical skills in order to manage the content, ease of maintenance, possibility of integration with other systems (sale channels like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, 
    We use Drupal CMS which beats its rivals with flexibility, level of customisation and integration.

    Key differences in favour of Drupal CMS

    • Ability to create custom content types for your content.
    • Suitable for large and complicated systems
    • State of the art multilingual capabilities (included for free without the need of 3rd party addons)
    • API (Application Programming Interface). It may sound serious and it is. In a nutshell it allows you to connect to other websites and services in order to exchange data. Imagine running a hotel website and having your listing at fully synchronised.
    • High level of user permissions - grant different permissions to the site users and be in total control of who can do what.
    • Ability to change the way data is displayed. 
    • Drupal is more secure than for example Wordpress.
    • Free modules and extensions.
    • Updates are less frequent and better managed than WordPress.

    Why should you choose us for the task of setting up a CMS?

    • Because we specialise in large and complicated setups
    • We work with Drupal since 2016
    • Live chat via WhatsApp (as seen on this website) at no monthly fee.
    • If your brand is not yet fully expressed we would like to help you with that and incorporate this into the design. You can read more at the branding section.
    • Setup internal linking to support Search Engine Optimisation.
    • Design content architecture in the way that allows the use of data in a non-limiting way (different content types, views, taxonomies).
    • API (Application Programing Interface). It’s a plug that can be used to connect to other websites / systems in order to exchange information.
    • Trouble free translation system which can be even directly connected to translation agencies to streamline the task.
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) starter included at no extra cost. It was painful to see websites recently finished without even the basic SEO tools installed. We don’t do that. You will be fully equipped with all SEO tools to use in order to climb on Search Page Result Page (SERP) plus a tailored keyword list that will benefit your business. We can do much more. Continue reading on the Search Engine Optimisation page.
    • Advanced monitoring, analytics and analysis tools. Would you like to see how your visitors move around your pages, what they click, where they get stuck, see which areas of each page are rarely seen, what they type into the search window, what results they get… really see every move and click? We can show you this. The popcorn is on you!. You can read more and see it in action on Website Analysis on this site.
    • Unlimited email accounts for your domain.
    • Free Mailchimp (marketing platform) integration.
    • Free web hosting.
    • Free SSL certificate (secure site).
    • Free one year of domain registration.